Sai Mirra Pharma Group, Chennai, India, established in January, 2000, "Sai Mirra Fine Chem Private Limited" with the purpose of erecting an API plant, capable to qualify for the US market.
Soon after, Gen Phar Pro Investments (GB) Limited, a London based investment company totally oriented to the Fine Chemical field, which formerly owned two U.S. FDA inspected API's facilities in Milano, Italy, namely Trifarma-Ceriano Laghetti Unit (Formerly Alchymars S.p.A.), and Trifarma-Rozzano Unit (Formerly Industria Chimica Milanese S.p.A.,(ICM)) and the Group's Marketing company Trifarma S.p.A. Milano, Italy, entered into Joint Venture arrangement with Sai Mirra.
Gen Phar Pro Investments (GB) Limited took control of the newborn Alchymars ICM SM Private Limited (AIS) under the design and supervision of the then Alchymars S.p.A. and I.C.M. S.p.A..  AIS commenced its operations on April, 2001.

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